What our clients say...


" My Physiotherapist has a unique way of dealing with her patients.
She first and foremost has the skill required to help solve their problems and has an interested, inquisitive and open mind. 

She also expresses a great deal of care."

- Richard, Cowes

I first visited PhysioCare on a private basis two years ago for help with severe pain and general rehabilitation on the recommendation of a surgeon.

My physiotherapist was concerned, enthusiastic and sincere from the initial assessment. I cannot imagine managing the pain even in the short term without the treatment which is gratefully received.

I know my physiotherapist has a wealth of experience, for which she is thought very highly of by many patients and medical professionals. I have been treated by three other physiotherapists working for PhysioCare and have been very happy indeed with the treatment received from each. I have also visited each of the three practices which have always been clean and comfortable as one would expect.

Due to having received an impeccable standard of treatment and professional service I would feel it wise for someone requiring a physiotherapist or help with pain to seriously consider visiting PhysioCare for assistance.

Steve, Cowes

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my recovery from my knee ligament injury.

I am now back playing football properly and have today been told I have been selected for the Island Games Ladies Football Squad, so after a long and difficult time out, all the hard work has paid off. My knee is feeling pretty good and I’m continuing with strengthening exercises all the time.

Thank you again.

Mrs S


It is with great pleasure I am writing this thank you letter. I was hit from behind whilst cycling and was knocked to the floor hard on my right knee, a few days later I attended hospital as the swelling made it difficult to walk and the pain caused a lot of discomfort.

I was told it was bruising and would eventually settle down but could take a while, I was offered painkillers and sent back home. This was a major inconvenience as I used my bike for my main mode of transport, I was eager to get back on my bike but found any cycling caused a pain on the outside of my right knee so I rested it all the while using public transport. I started cycling again and found the pain after 5 miles was to much to bear so I did very little, this was frustrating as before the accident I was able to cycle 30-60 miles without any concerns, I was also running 5-10 miles a week but this also stopped due to the discomfort. I went from 73kg to 80kg and kept trying to use the bike but the pain never got any better.

Nine months after the accident I was allowed to go to Physiotherapy (insurance agreed), my initial assessment showed my right hip was out of alignment which meant everything was thrown out when I walked, cycled. The physiotherapist gave me exercises to do at home and explained how, why and the importance of completing them daily. I tried to complete them and I felt with every session I was getting stronger. I was given different exercises and with each new instruction I felt my motivation begin to rise. After a few sessions I was told to try cycling, to my pleasure I managed a pain free 10 miles. Day after day I completed the exercises set,h mixed with gym sessions and short but pleasurable cycling sessions.

After 5 sessions of physiotherapy and a few months of the exercises I was able to cycle my first 25 miles. Before the 6th session I cycled 30 miles albeit slow it was with a massive smile on my face. 40 mile hilly cycle ride with no pain and no discomfort. I am due to cycle in the French Alps, this will include Alpe du huez and Mont Ventoux which are both featured regularly in the Tour de France.

Without the help and support from PhysioCare I would not be able to even dream of heading there to attempt such a mammoth task. I will be raising a glass of wine as without you I am sure I would not be fixed. It may be a job to you but it’s my hobby, lifestyle, health and enjoyment you have given back to me.

Many thanks.

Mr D, Yarmouth

When I had a fall outside my office, I really was in a state of shock and thought I had sustained a serious injury, especially when I couldn’t get out of bed the next day.

I was in a lot of pain and when a friend recommended that I visit the PhysioCare clinic I wasn’t even sure I could even make it there!

I walked into the clinic in pain and bent over and emerged much more relaxed, standing and walking upright and in much less discomfort. Not only did my physiotherapist treat me with a great deal of care and understanding, she also restored my confidence.

Four treatment sessions and around a month later, having followed the advice and exercises, I am virtually back to my normal self! I can’t thank you enough! Your expertise and kind care has been my saviour!

Charlotte, Ryde


Before seeing my physiotherapist, I had approximately a month of severe back pain, which prevented me working and caused me to take a cocktail of medication.

My job as a journalist means I have to sit and work at a computer. I think the cause of the pain was an old injury.

At my initial consultation, my back was treated manually, in a gentle, painless way, which gave immediate relief. I was shown how to do a simple flexing exercise, and the pain subsided immediately. We discussed a programme of self-treatment (exercises regularly throughout the day) and weekly hydrotherapy with physiotherapist Jill Lawn. The next day, I woke without pain for the first time in weeks.

Five weeks later, I am back at work and well on the way to recovery. I am extremely relieved, as I had feared I may never be fit and pain-free again. Many, many thanks!

Sue, Newport